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DEEP CLEAN is a powerful extraction system.


The extraction strength is unmatched in the industry. Extracting 80% to 90% of any liquid used in the cleaning process. This allows for thorough extraction of even the largest and deepest stains and faster drying time.


100% Satisfaction GuaranteeThe DEEP CLEAN Stain Guarantee:

Although it is unrealistic to think every stain will come out of every carpet, if we cannot remove the stain, we will pay for the cost to have it removed, if it is somehow removed after our effort.


If you doubt your carpets are cleanable CALL US.
We are specialists in pet urine and dander removal.



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We are...

  • #1 choice of residential property management firms because of our
    ability to save badly abused carpets
  • “The” Process Recommended by Canadian Carpet Manufacturers
  • Carpet cleaning done the way carpet manufacturers recommend
  • Both regular and tile carpets
  • The most effective process in the industry
  • Stain Removal Guarantee!!
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Facts About Carpet Cleaning

Circular scrubbing systems, especially ones using foam, actually do more long term damage.


bad method photoWet foam is scrubbed into the carpet. This process removes no dirt, but in fact, pushes both soluble (stains) and non-soluble (sand & grit) dirt deep into the carpet. Proper extraction is now more difficult, leaving a sticky dirt magnet.


Spin Bonnet cleaning is so ridiculous, that warranties could be jeopardized by using this method.


Despite their motor size (truck mount system), extraction ability decreases dramatically due to the massive length of hose. When used in apartment or condominium buildings, the hose is either running down the main corridor or hanging from balconies annoying other tenants.


You can’t expect to properly clean a carpet by spraying a hot mist of water and sucking only half of it out.



  • DEEP CLEAN is committed to giving the best
    service for the best price
  • Our equipment is the most effective in the industry
  • Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects
    of carpet cleaning, especially difficult and badly
    abused (dirty) carpets
  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • References available upon request from property managers, building managers and homeowners